Textile Solutions – Colourants

Dyes for Acrylic & Cationic Dyeable Polyester

Colourants – Acrylic & CDP

Cationic Dyes

Bright shades with high strength and good all-round fastness. Suitable for all PAN fiber types, dyeing forms, and dyeing processes. Also suitable for dyeing Cationic dyeable polyester.

Common Dyes
  • Good washing and light fastness,
  • Bright shades and high strength.
  • Good all-round fastness.
  • For all Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fabrics.
Special Dyes
  • Suitable for PAN/Wool blends in the same bath with acid dyes.
  • Suitable for CDP/PES blends in the same bath with disperse dyes.
  • Suitable for CDP fabrics.