Textile Solutions – Colourants

Dyes for Cellulose

Colourants – Cellulose

Conventional Reactive Dyes

Wide range of shades designed to meet market demand suitable for exhaust, cold pad-batch, and continuous process,

  • Attractive full shade range.
  • Diversified shades for turquoise/green, black, and navy.
  • Optimized compatibility and excellent level dyeing properties and can be used in conjunction with similar dyes.
  • Some dyes are dischargeable dyes.
Economical Reactive Dyes

A new set of economic reactive dyes with various chemistry reactive groups exhibit excellent build-up performance, very good exhaustion, very high fixation, and enables better wash off. This range offers exceptional colorfastness for medium shades/very dark shades and offers better colorfastness and more economical than conventional dyes for the same depths. Applicable to various processes like exhaust dyeing and continuous dyeing.

  • Outstanding build-up performance in low recipe cost.
  • Better reproducibility and deepest black shade achievable.
  • Trichromatic combination for deep shades.
  • Trichromatic combination for super deep shades.
Reactive Dyes HT Dyeing - 80 ̊C

Special range for optimized compatibility and excellent level dyeing properties resulting in good all-round wet fastness. Highly recommended for post mercerization.

Reactive Dyes for high Lightfastness

A comprehensive range of reactive dyes that cover the full shade range for dyeing pale to medium shades on cotton and regenerated cellulose.

  • Provide high light fastness and a very good perspiration lightfastness.
  • This selection also offers an excellent economy for top lightfastness compared to the market leaders.
  • Good reproducibility.
  • Suitable for both exhaust and continuous dyeing and cold pad batch.