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Dyes for Polyester

Colourants – Polyester

Disperse Dyes

Selected Disperse dyes covering a complete shade gamut and with good economy.

  • Include high-energy dyes, medium energy dyes, and low energy dyes.
  • Suitable for high-temperature dyeing
    Applicable for continuous pad dyeing and printing.
  • Selected dyes are suitable for low temperature and carrier dyeing.
  • Have good dispersion properties, can be used for yarn dyeing and beam dyeing.
Disperse Dyes for High Sublimation

An economical range of high-energy powder with high fastness to contact heat. The complete color range of powder dyes with high fastness to contact heat. Suitable for a wide range of outlets in exhaust/continuous dyeing and printing.

  • Excellent build-up and results in an economical dye recipe.
  • Good all-around colorfastness.
Disperse Dyes - Luminous/Bright Shades

High yield products that offer value for money and provide the best available fastness especially light in high visibility clothing.

  • These dyes with other range of brilliant dyes can be used in fashion shades.
  • Very suitable for high temperature, also limited suitability for thermosol and printing.
  • High Light fastness.
Disperse Dyes for Superior Wet Fastness

Special range inherent very high to superior wet fastness.

  • High rubbing fastness.
  • Many dyes with a very high lightfastness.
  • Alkaline sensitive dyes, easily cleared.
  • Use with polyester/elastane blends giving excellent wet fastness.
Disperse Dyes with High Wet Fastness

High wet fastness disperse dyes range for bright shade and high strength.

  • Good all-around fastness.
  • Good build-up suitable for dark shades.
  • Less stain to other fibers, especially to cotton and nylon.