Textile Solutions – Colourants

Dyes for Wool

Colourants – Wool

Half Milling dyes
  • High lightfastness
  • Good level dyeing properties
  • Moderate to good wash fastness
  • Good coverage of yarn irregularities
  • Good migration properties
Acid Milling dyes
  • Good wet fastness
  • Bright and full shades
  • Supporting colors to Metal complex dye range to brighten the shades
Natural dyes for wool
  • Good wet fastness and lightfastness
  • Good reproducibility and exhaustion
  • Medium migration and level dyeing properties
Non-Sulphonated 1:2 Metal Complex Dyes

Special dyes range resulting in optimum leveling and coverage.

  • Good leveling properties
  • Excellent fastness to light
  • Good wet fastness in pale and medium shades
  • Good coverage of yarn irregularities
Mono-Sulphonated 1:2 Metal Complex dyes

Dye range with optimum level dyeing, compatibility, and wet fastness.

  • Excellent fastness to light, excellent compatibility, good wet fastness.
  • Good level dyeing properties.
  • Good coverage barré, especially at HT (105°- 120°C).
  • Good partition in wool/nylon blends.
Di-Sulphonated 1:2 metal Complex dye

High wet fastness on wool and polyamide where level dyeing is not critical, e.g., loose stock dyeing or heavy shade on apparel.

  • Excellent Wet Fastness
  • Economic range with good solubility
  • Recommended for the dyeing of heavy shades