Reactive Dyes

Bi-functional reactive dyes

Provides exceptional on-tone;build up and level dyeing characteristics for exhaustion and Cold pad batch dyeing

Vinylsulfone reactive dyes for cellullose

Suitable for exhaust dyeing , cold pad batch dyeing , continuous dyeing and printing

Monoclhoro triazene

Disperse Dyes

Super wet fastness disperse dyes

Exceptionally high wet fastness. Suitable for new substrates such as microfiber PES & PES blends.Gives high contact fastness and high light fastness. Very good reservation of cel in pes/cel blends

Acid dyes

Acid Levelling Dyes for Polyamide (logo)

Good levelling properties & migration. Excellent compatibility and coverage of yarn irregularities.

Acid Milling Dyes for Polyamide

For medium shadesFor dark bright shades. As supportign colours to brighten metal complex dyes range

1:2 Metal Complex Dyes

Non Sulphonated with disperse properties

Outstanding coverage of lycra in PA / PA lycra blends. High fastness to light, perspiration and water. Good level dyeing & suitable for continuous dyeing. No solubility problems. Good fixation under dry heat conditions

Non Sulphonated

Good levelling properties, Excellent fastness to light and good wet fastness in pale and medium shades. Good coverage of yarn irregularities

Mono Sulphonated

Excellent fastness to light, Excellent compatibility & Good wet fastness. Good level dyeing, coverage of barré, especially at HT (105° -120°C).Good partition in wool/nylon blends

Di -Sulphonated Excellent wet fastness &good solubility. Recommended for the dyeing of heavy shades.
Direct Dyes

Direct dyes for cellulose



Pigments for textile printing

Ready to use paste for printing on elastic and knitted fabric. .

Special printing inks

Complete range of air-dyeing ,water -based, ready-to-use inks for printing