Pre Heat Setting Auxiliary (Anti Yellowing Agent)

Stable Pre heat set anti-yellowing agent.

Pre Scouring Agent

APEO free prescouring agent for PA & PA/Elastane blend.

Acid Donor

Acid releasing agen for PA.

Regular Levelling Agent

non odour PA leveller,miscible in cold water.

Levelling Agent - Anti Barriness Agent

Special PA leveller to avoid barriness,miscible in cold water.

After Treatment Agent

Widely accepted after treatment agent / fastness improver.

Cationic After Treatment Agent

A fastness improver / second stage after treatment agent.

Silicone Softener

Universal silicone softener suitable for PA.

Hydrophilic Finish /Moisture Management Finish

silicone base hydrophilic/moisture management agent with with better softening property.