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Auxiliaries – Finishing

In the textile process, finishing consists of the application of specific, specialty compounds to improve the physical/chemical properties such as aesthetic appeal/performance. After the textile materials undergo pre-treatments, dyeing, or printing, the finishing process is done to enhance their functional characteristics and increase the sales appeal. This stage not only increases the comfort and usefulness of the finished material but also innovative finishes are applied based on changing consumer trends.

We can offer any tailor-made products to meet your diversified needs of finishes; we have a wide range of finishing products applicable for various fibers and multiple application processes.

Finishing Product Types:


Yarn Lubricants

Hydrophilic Regulators

Water/Oil Repellent Finishes

Moisture Management Finishes

Anti-microbial/Anti-viral Finishes

Soil Release Finishes

Filling and Stiffening Agents

Raising Agents

Anti-static Agents

Flame Retardants