Decades of integrity and expertise

Our History

Making a difference in the chemical industry.

Founded in 1978, Harris and Menuk was started as a private business unit in Sri Lanka with the vision of making a difference in the chemical industry. Harris and Menuk has grown exponentially in the past four decades.

We offer many specialty chemicals and enzymes to the textile, garment, leather processing, yarn production, and other pre-processing, coloring, and finishing businesses. Our solid industry experience combined with quality, flow, compliance, security, competitive pricing, technology, and innovation have established Harris and Menuk as a techno-commercial company. With our environmentally friendly products, we are committed to growing our business in a sustainable manner.

Our dynamic management and operational team, with their never-ending passion and hard work, have successfully positioned us as a market leader. We now offer services across the globe. We have various operations in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Dubai and cater to many leading South Asian corporations. We are dedicated to improving our client experiences by relentlessly exploring new boundaries and setting high standards in the textile processing business.