This refers to dyes which are molecules of organic compounds that are responsible for the color of dyed and printed textile. Dyeing is the process of coloring the textile material by immersing them in an aqueous solution of dye called dye liqueur, which consist of dye, water, and auxiliary. Heat is usually applied to the dye liqueur to improve the effectiveness of dyeing. The general theory of dyeing refers to the interaction between dye, fiber, water, and auxiliary. Our range of colourants & auxiliaries help to simply achieve RFT (Right First Time) dyeing economically.

Reactive Coloration

Dye bath sequestrants
Reactive levelers
Special multi-functional reactive bath auxiliary
Reactive after soap
Reactive cationic fixing agent
Special cationic fixer for yarn
Special cationic fixer for critical shades like turquoise/red/green
Direct fixing agents

PES Coloration

Emulsifier (recommended for one bath process)
Dispersing/Leveling agent
Dye bath buffer
Compound dispersant/Leveler/Buffer/Anti-creasant
Special migration dispersant
Eco-friendly carrier
Reduction clearing agent
Anti-oligomor agents
Oligomor remover

PA Coloration

Emulsifier (recommended for one bath process)
Leveling agent
Acid donor
After treatment agents
Cationic treatment agents