Garment Processing

Wet processing of garments is done to give softness to the garments, eliminate sizing problems, bleaching preferred parts of the garments and over dyeing to provide an identity and exclusive appearance. Different looks, finishing and designs could be made on the apparel. Some of unique characteristics that could be added to garments are wrinkle-free finish, flame resistance finish, anti-microbial finish, UV absorption finish, oil repellant finish, etc.

Garment Dyeing

Antiback Staining Agent
Cleaning Agents/Detergents
Color Reducers
Special Neutralizing Agent with buffer
Permanganate Neutralizer
Zipper Protector

Garment Finishing

Anti-Ozone Softener
Non Yellowing Silicones
Non yellowing / Hydrophilic silicone
Silicone + FACP Softener
Direct dye toners