To ensure that our technical knowledge is made available to our customers, we employ a technical service team that provides prompt service. We provide assistance in the following areas as per our customer’s requests: dyestuff selection, auxiliary selection, pretreatment, dyeing, and finishing processes.

Our technical service team plays an important role in service through the entire sales procedure. We prepare the necessary technical information and comparison data, and visit the customer's dye house, conduct factory trials, and make suggestions regarding process improvement. We hold technical seminars on a regular basis to keep our customers up to date with technical innovation.

We believe that, to earn the customer’s trust, it is essential to provide reliable data and quality products within any specified deadline at an economical cost.

Types of technical service provided:

  • Specialty auxiliary analysis
  • Color matching
  • Comparison studies of auxiliaries
  • General chemical purity analysis
  • Development of special finishes
  • Troubleshooting and process recommendations
  • Customer training tours at supplier locations