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Auxiliaries – Dyeing

During the process of dyeing, dyes/pigments and dye bath auxiliaries are applied to textile materials such as yarn and fabrics to obtain the desired color effects and colorfastness. Dye molecules are anchored to the fiber/filament by absorption, diffusion, and fixing, with pH, temperature, time and other parameters being the controlling factors. The type of dye used will define the strength of the bond between the dye molecules and fiber. Our solutions improve the resource efficiency of your dyeing process and guarantee long-lasting effects for the desired levelness, repeatability, and fastness.

We offer a full portfolio of dyeing auxiliaries for textile materials of various substrates and their blends.

Dyeing Product Types:

Leveling/Dispersing/Sequestering Agents

Wetting Agents

pH Regulators

Padding Auxiliaries

Defoamers and Deaerators

Anti-creasing Agents

Soaping Agents

Reducing/Oxidizing Agents

Fixing Agents

Machine Cleaners