A successful business requires excellent leadership, to create the vision for growth

Board of Directors

Leading for a better tomorrow.

At Harris and Menuk, we are fortunate to have an inspirational, experienced, and highly knowledgeable Board of Directors, helping the company reach greater heights. With the directors’ core competencies, expertise, and collective knowledge, the company is ably guided in all its activities –be it research, innovation, long-term goals, organizational policies, risk assessment, or global operations. With their ethical approach to work and consistent outcome-oriented behavior, the Board of Directors has built a culture of excellence, integrity, and commitment in whatever we do.

Ariyarathenam Manickam

Founder & Chairman

A self-made businessman with over 50 years of experience. Founding a multinational group of companies with a presence in 4 countries across eight companies with a total staff strength of more than 200 people. With his vision and passion for bringing innovative yet sustainable products to customers across the globe. Focusing on transforming the art of simple trading into one that incorporates the best professional standards, qualified technicians, and comprehensive scientific support. This laid the foundation for the expansion of the organization into multiple business verticals.

INEEYAN Ariyarathenam, MBA


Having completed his BSc (Business Management) from Kings College London, UK, and an MBA (Operations & Finance) from SP Jain Institute, Dubai, he spent his time overlooking every major department of the group before establishing his role as a Managing Director. With over 20 years of experience as the Director, he heads the functions of restructuring, international sourcing, and fund disbursement. With this knowledge, business acumen, and foresight, he has been instrumental in developing new and profitable business verticals. He also serves as the Director of Epygen Labs and heads the finance department.

Dr. Arun Ariyarathenam, MA, MB BChir (Cantab), FRCS


With his interest in chemistry, triggered by this industry, combined with his interest in biology, he went on to complete his Medical Degree at the University of Cambridge, UK. He is a current fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and a practicing Oesophago-gastric Cancer Surgeon in the UK. In addition, he sits on the board of trustees as a vice-chair and is a volunteer Surgeon for the charity organization, Operation hernia to help deliver surgical care and teaching in other developing countries. His involvement with the Surgical Colleges and the Medical school in teaching and guidance of post-graduate doctors all act as transferable skills when advising, mentoring, and managing aspects of the Harris & Menuk Group.