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A total textile solution provider enhancing everyday lives through added value and quality

About Us

Innovation, quality & sustainability.

With over four decades of expertise in the chemical industry, our team is ever ready to take on challenges. With technological breakthroughs, we have overcome many problems and expanded our expertise in chemicals to various materials like polyester, cellulose, cellulose blends, polyamides, etc. While innovation is a strong core value, we believe in delivering the best quality products and services to our clients and follow world-class standards in all our processes.


Dedicated to providing world-class chemical products and services to all our customers. Our goal is to bring tested and verified textile chemical products that exceed customer expectations and are also environmentally sustainable.


To be the globally preferred supplier of sustainable chemical solutions & an environmentally & socially responsible organization. To help customers gain a competitive edge in their own industries through our superior services.


To carry out our business with excellence & achieve customer satisfaction. For this, our quality policy focuses on 3 major aspects – the quality of our products & services, the safety of products, & the impact we make on the environment.

Our History

Making a difference in the chemical industry.

Founded in 1978, Harris and Menuk was started as a private business unit in Sri Lanka with the vision of making a difference in the chemical industry. Harris and Menuk has grown exponentially in the past four decades.

We offer many specialty chemicals and enzymes to the textile, garment, leather processing, yarn production, and other pre-processing, coloring, and finishing businesses. Our solid industry experience combined with quality, flow, compliance, security, competitive pricing, technology, and innovation have established Harris and Menuk as a techno-commercial company. With our environmentally friendly products, we are committed to growing our business in a sustainable manner.

Our dynamic management and operational team, with their never-ending passion and hard work, have successfully positioned us as a market leader. We now offer services across the globe. We have various operations in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Dubai and cater to many leading South Asian corporations. We are dedicated to improving our client experiences by relentlessly exploring new boundaries and setting high standards in the textile processing business

Our Values

Rooted in values and driven by vision.

We are a company founded on ethics, and we continue to operate true to our core values of Responsibility, Integrity, Trusted Partnerships, and Commitment. We regard our customers’ business as a great responsibility as well as an honor and work towards fulfilling their every need with sincerity, honesty, and excellence.

Our core values make us what we are today – a successful business with a strong commitment to quality and environmental sustainability. Our values guide us in making the right decisions at every juncture and help us drive our business forward. It defines the direction in which every employee is compelled to make strong and valuable contributions. The following four pillars of our value system form the base of everything we do at Harris and Menuk.


As we work diligently to create innovative products offering to our customers, we are committed to providing the best quality and timely support to enable their businesses to be successful.


Every choice or decision that we make in our day-to-day business is based on integrity. We are focused on remaining honest to our customers and doing our business in a transparent manner.


We take responsibility for the products and services we offer. We take responsibility for greater employee engagement. We take responsibility for making the earth a better place for the current and the next generation.


When you choose us as your business associate, you can be assured that you have a trusted partner for life. While business is important, we value customer satisfaction, trust, and relationship more than just inking deals.


Leading for a better tomorrow.

At Harris and Menuk, we are fortunate to have an inspirational, experienced, and highly knowledgeable Board of Directors, helping the company reach greater heights. With the directors’ core competencies, expertise, and collective knowledge, the company is ably guided in all its activities –be it research, innovation, long-term goals, organizational policies, risk assessment, or global operations. With their ethical approach to work and consistent outcome-oriented behavior, the Board of Directors has built a culture of excellence, integrity, and commitment in whatever we do.


Commitment to quality.

At Harris and Menuk, commitment to quality is a part of our core value system. We believe that true customer satisfaction can only be achieved with the best quality products and services. With that goal in mind, we ensure that every product we create meets the highest standards set in the industry. We are committed to our responsibility towards the society and ensure that our products meet the highest safety demands

Commitment to quality is continuously reinforced within our company through various training and development.

Product Compliance & Standards.

Our products are compliant with the global quality standards of the textile industry, and no chemical is harmful to humans, animals, or to the environment. Most brand retails require complete chemical disclosure in order to increase the transparency of traceability for their products. We are also committed to Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) and also ensure that we are compliant with the Restricted Substance List (RSL) of all major brand retailers.

Harris & Menuk is also committed to providing products which meet voluntary requirements for common labels and International standards from chemical and environment standpoints.

Product compliance and certification from reputable bodies such as Bluesign, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, Eco Passport, ZDHC, MRSL, Reach, Greenscreen are available for our product range.

Get in touch with us now, and let us be your trusted partner.

If you are looking for innovative, high-quality, sustainable solutions and a valuable collaboration for your business – look no further. Harris and Menuk is your perfect partner in providing reliable and effective textile chemicals solutions.