Textile Coating

Solutions – Coating

Coating Solutions involve, integrating value additions to textiles in order to enhance the non-aesthetic properties & transforming them into functional textiles. Coating of textile substrates is done for specific end uses like water repellency, fire-retardancy, smooth surface covering, increase in strength, and protective clothing. With innovation in the processes, the product range available for coating can offer multifunction finishes with intelligent systems. We have a broad spectrum of products applicable to the Textile industry, automotive industry, Printing Industry, Paper Industry, Construction Industry, Glass fiber, and Wood industry.

Our range includes intelligent coating systems for water repellency, flame retardancy, moisture management, and wellness effects. Our special range for protective finishing offers multiple combination functionalities to meet the complex challenges faced today. Our versatile product range can be applied using various kinds of coating like foam coating, kiss roll, exhaust, spray, knife coating, and padding methods.

Textile Coating Product Types:

Repellent Finish

Functional finishing agent for textiles to give durable water repellency and oil repellency.

  • Durable C6 based fluorocarbon with brilliant Water & Oil Repellency for all fabric types.
  • Robust Oil – Water – Dirt Repellent finish by Padding / Coating & Spray application for cellulose and synthetic textiles.
  • The product can be applied for Luggage, Garments, Outerwear, Awnings and Technical Textiles.
Moisture Management

Moisture Management systems enhance the capability of textile articles to make the skin feel dry. They work on the mechanism of absorb – transport – evaporate as it increases the moisture-holding capacity of the fibers.

  • Exhibit good Hydrophilic Properties
  • Soft, Bulky & Waxy handle
  • Good Water retention capacity
  • Quick Dry Effect
  • Recommended for Terry Towel / Apparel / Sports Wear
Crosslinkers | Boosters

Crosslinker comprises a chemical reaction between polymer chains to link them thus enhancing physical properties.

  • Improves adhesion to substrate
  • Improves Wash Durability
  • Enhances Scratch & Hydrolysis resistance
  • Technical Textile / Luggage / Tents

Adhesives to bond or laminate two surfaces together.

  • Low Viscosity Adhesive
  • Soft & Slightly tacky films
  • Can be used by heat seal/laminate
  • Product becomes Thermoplastic at 70⁰C – 80⁰C
  • Back Coating for Painters fleece – Anti Skid Coating
  • Recommended for Automotive / Packaging / Building / Shoe Industry
Black out | Black out +FR
  • Product is easily foamed able in a 1: 5 ratio
  • Light Reflective coatings for BlackOut Effect and also Blackout + FR properties
  • Application is done by Foam Coating on Polyester / Polyamide / Polyester: Cotton
  • Recommended for black Out Curtains / Roller Blinds
Oil Absorber Textile for Oil Spill
  • Fluorine Free Hydrophilizing Agent
  • Wash Resistance, Stain Resistance, Abrasion Resistance
  • No Influence of Textile Handle
  • Fleece material becomes floatable
  • Recommended for Oil Absorbing and Hydrophobic Material