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Textile Machinery

Textile Machinery

Automatic Screen Printing Machines

We offer a versatile range of automatic screen printing machines designed to handle high volumes of orders, complicated prints, and faster output. The range includes both Oval machines and Carousel Machines with a varied range of print size customizable to cater to the customer’s requirement.

Product Types:

  • Oval Screen Printing Machine
  • Carousel Screen Printing Machine
  • Conveyor Dryers
  • Flash Dryers
  • Flock Station
  • Garment Impurities remover
  • Digital Printing Module integration

DTG Printing

Digital direct to garment printing has become popular in recent years, where there is a shift from the traditional screen printing industry. The fashion and garments trends demand more detailed and complicated prints on t-shirts, with the advancement of technology seeing the rise in popularity of direct-to-garment printers. We offer an affordable range of direct to garment printers. Our brand has been an industry leader in direct to garment (DTG printer) inkjet technologies for over a decade.

Textile Laboratory Machines

The laboratory equipment is consecutively granted CE certification and the latest ISO 9001:2015 Certification in 2018 to ensure reliable and consistent manufacturing quality and capability.

Complete range of textile laboratory equipment for dyeing, finishing, and printing applications. With superior quality, reasonable pricing, and sound service, these products are widely used at laboratories of major dyestuff & chemical manufacturers, R&D institutes, textile universities, and colleges, etc.

Product Types:

  • Laboratory Exhaust Dyeing
  • Laboratory Finishing
  • Lab Color Kitchen
  • Color Control Lab Coating Set

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