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Auxiliaries – Pretreatment

Pre-treatments are being carried out to prepare textile materials for subsequent processes such as dyeing, printing, chemical finishes, etc. Since textile materials have several end uses, the different types of pre-treatments are given to make them suitable for them. Mainly, the removal of impurities takes place during the pre-treatment process. 

A bleach is given to impart good purity to textiles, thus achieving a brilliance of white and coloration since most of the natural fibers are dull in nature. High and uniform absorptivity is essential, especially with synthetic blends. These properties govern the evenness of dyes & chemical uptake. Solubilizing & washing out of impurities is carried out to prepare textile materials for the following processes in the chain. 

We offer specialty auxiliaries that are suitable for conventional methods and modern technology using satisfied chemistry that is environmentally friendly and meets most apparel buyers’ standards.

Pretreatment Product Types:

Scouring Agents

Bleaching Agents

Reducing/Oxidizing Agents

Wetting Agents

Sequestering/Complexing Agents

Defoaming Agents

Anti-creasing Agents

Optical Brighteners

Fiber Protection Agents


Peroxide Killer


Wet Paraffinating Agents

Special Products