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Screen Printing

Printing – Screen

Our solutions for screen printing consist of a wide range of emulsions to help you discover cost efficiency and increased productivity to meet the versatile demands of the fashion and retail industry for printed textiles. The screen printing range includes water-based products, such as adhesive for mylar, discharges, high-performance, elastic whites, covering lacquers, transparent bases, and a complete line of phthalates-free plastisol. The combination of basic printing pastes and other special pastes offers excellent properties to give you the best printing results and achieve high fastness levels. All pastes can be mixed or combined to achieve desired levels of elasticity and softness: soft elastic handles and lasting effects.

In addition to the basic printing pastes, we also offer several special effects paste to give pearlescent, metallic, glossy, phosphorescent, 3-Dimensional, and sparkling effects on most fabric types

Solutions for creative ideas can be developed together with our technical service team using our screen printing pastes in our lab.

Specialty Inks
  • Glitter Binders
  • Glitter Powders
  • Pearlescent Effect
  • Metallic Effect
  • Sparkling Effect
  • Foil Glue
  • Table Gum
Silicone Inks
  • Matte Finish
  • Glossy Finish
  • Silicone Pigments

Water-based inks

Water-based pigments