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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Harris and Menuk have since its inception dedicated a great part to applied research and testing services. This commitment has contributed to our position in the market today as a leading textile solution provider.

This has been achieved through continuous planning and investment in our state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with a wide range of testing equipment and textile application machinery to conduct all kinds of physical and chemical tests on textile materials.

The laboratory setup and the testing procedures are maintained on the basis of internationally accepted test standards for textile materials. In order to ensure the right standard for high-quality fabrics, there are several tests carried out at each stage from fiber to fabric and fabric to garments.

Physical Testing Lab

We carry out physical testing as part of the quality assessment which deals with the macroscopic level of the material to evaluate the physical & mechanical properties of textiles. Every test has its own pass/fail criteria which are set by the customer and varies depending on the retailer quality manual standard. Considering such quality requirement different testing like- rubbing fastness, wash fastness, perspiration fastness, light fastness, light-perspiration fastness, sublimation fastness, tearing strength, bursting strength, abrasion resistance, pilling, water repellency, phenolic yellowing, GSM, vertical wicking is carried out at different stages of the processing cycle.

Wet Processing Lab

– Chemical Testing

Chemical testing is a part of the quality assessment to perform analysis at the microscopic level of the material and we carry out analysis of all auxiliaries. Basic analysis to determine general characteristics, pH /temperature, Viscosity, evaluation of solid content, moisture content and specific analysis of like pin hole formation, chelation capacity, foaming behavior, whiteness and yellowing index, and dry content analysis.

– Application Testing

Wet processing laboratory equipped with a wide range of lab-scale equipment for chemical processing and testing of various types of textile fabrics, yarns, and fibers. Equipment ranging from High-temperature dyeing machines, Padding mangle, Mini-stenter Gyrowash machine, Spectrophotometer, Lightboxes, Ovens, pH meter, Dye solution mixer, Colorfastness tester, Manual /Automatic screen printing machine, and IR dryer are available to carry out application and testing through all the stages of textile processing from pretreatment, dyeing, printing, and finishing of textiles

We also carry out laboratory tests to assess various fastness properties of the textile materials. These tests include all types of colorfastness testing against conditions of textile materials exposed to washing, water, perspiration, light, sublimation, rubbing, molding, chlorinated water, seawater, storage yellowing, dye migration during storage, and dry cleaning.

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